Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I report a data omission or error?
A: Please refer to our Contact Us page.

Q: How do I get information on visiting a protected area?
A: It is best to contact the fee owner directly to get the rules governing the protected area. We are working to provide web links to all protected areas in the database, these links should provide contact information, and other visitation information.

Q: How can I help with NYPAD?
A: If you are interested in helping please Contact Us. We are always looking for more accurate and up-to-date data to be included in the database.

Q: What should I do if I don't receive an email with the NYPAD data download link?
A: You should receive an email within a minute or two after submitting your data request, if you don't not receive an email, check your "spam" folder for an email from data(@)nypad.org. If you still don't see the email submit your request again and double check that you are using the correct email address. If you continue to have difficulties, please Contact Us.

Q: Where can I find NYPAD metadata?
A: Metadata can be viewed at Metadata.
Metadata are also contained within the Geodatabase file and can be read in ArcCatalog in the feature class "Description" tab, a .pdf of the metadata is also contained within the .zip file when NYPAD is downloaded from the Download link.